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ZOFS Engineering P.C. is an MBE/SBE/DBE consulting firm that provides civil design, construction management, drafting, and resident engineering inspection services to both the public and private sectors in the New York Metropolitan Area. We are committed to excellence and strive to be better than the best. Our team of Resident Engineers and Construction Managers hold in-house peer discussions regarding their active projects, issues they are facing, and how to resolve them. This peer-to-peer process enables the participants to pool their knowledge and experiences, ensuring comprehensive and client-specific service on all of our design and inspection projects. At ZOFS, you have the opportunity to grow your career with our growing team, and learn from the experience of our highly trained and specialized staff.

At ZOFS Engineering, we have a talented team consisting of civil engineers, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers. We also have experienced professionals who specialize in vertical inspection, project scheduling, construction liaison, document control, business development, and construction management. Our team’s diverse expertise enables us to provide comprehensive, client-specific services on all of our design and inspection projects. We believe in collaboration and our team members collaborate with communities, city agencies, project teams, contractors, and other stakeholders to ensure project the timely and safe completion of all projects in compliance with plans, codes, and standards.

If you have experience in the construction industry we encourage you to apply to join the ZOFS team. Our focus on client-specific service means we seek candidates who can ensure compliance with plans, codes, and standards, and who have experience in tracking project progress, supervising construction activities, and collaborating with project teams, contractors, and other stakeholders.

At ZOFS Engineering, we value professionalism and expertise. As an equal opportunity employer, we follow strict nondiscrimination standards and treat our employees with equal consideration. We provide competitive benefits, including healthcare coverage and paid time off.

If you are looking for a rewarding career in the construction industry, apply now to join the ZOFS team. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, client-specific service on all of our design and inspection projects. We are committed to being proactive and collaborative, in order to foster growth in our team and community as a whole. We strive to exceed client expectations and provide a productive, proactive, and innovative service.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join a company that values expertise, innovation, and client satisfaction. Apply now to become a part of the ZOFS Engineering team.